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  • What is Shyampari Edutech concept of home tuition?
    Shyampari Edutech is an home tuition provider , which provide quality home tutors to parents who wants to improve their child's academics .
  • What is the process of hiring home tutor from Shyampari Edutech ?
    To hire a tutor , just give us a call /WhatsApp at +917040272830 with your details of class, subjects ,timing ,days . For example Class : 5th cbse , mon to Friday , 1 hour , all sub and map location . our coordinator will assist you to find the best quality tutor near your 5km range and will give you fees quotation . then you can ask the coordinator to arrange a demo session with tutor and then finalize the class to began from very next day.
  • what is the procedure to pay fees for class?
    the fees are paid in advance of either 3 month or 1 academic year . the institute takes the responsibility of your fees as it is paid to the institute .
  • what if my teacher appointed discontinue the class in between
    the institute takes responsibility of tutor provided . thus if teacher leaves in between , a new teacher would be appointed by the institute within 1 week time frame on pririoity basis.
  • what if we as a parents we wants to take holidays in between sessions? will that would be exempted from fees?
    if any holiday taken by tutors on any day then it will be compensated by tutors in coming days . but if parents take a holiday which is not planned and is less than 1 week then its not exempted . but if more than 1 week of planned holiday is there then we do not charge anything from parents for that particular holiday . but do not guarantee of continuation of same teacher after more than 1 week of holiday .
  • what is the procedure to end tutoring session ?
    you as a parents can request the coordinator to provide leave application form or discontinuation form for class . on filling that you can discontinue the class after your presnt month completion.
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